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Steve & Ray

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wet rack

Nice full rack
Sal stocking up salad bags

fresh organic
Fresh Organic grown

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Fresh Daily


Farm Fresh Produce

Picked fresh local farms
Gizdich Apples from Watsonville,
Heirloom Tomatoes from Holister,
Hothouse Momotaro from Salinas,
Baby Artichokes for grilling from Salinas

sweet peaches
Local farmers bring the best fresh from the fields.
Asparagus from Gonzales, Corn from Hollister,

Apples from Gizdich Apple Farms in Watsonville.
Artichokes from Castroville, Tomatoes from Salinas.
Fresh Express Salad bags ready to eat.

Organic Produce

Providing fresh Local Organic Produce since 1969
Earthbound Farms Grab & Go Salad bags,
Carrots, Celery, Avocados, Mixes, & spinach.

Specialty Products
Walden Farms Sugar free Calorie free Dressing.
Dry Porcini mushroom, Sun-dried Tomatoes.
Bulk bins filled with Nuts, Dried fruit,
Chocolate covered snacks, & Candies.
Salad Peas, Almond crunchies, & more.


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